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Our Professionals


Leo B. Madanguit

Chief Executive Officer

Seth D. Johnson, JD

Chief Operating Officer

Eli R. Johnson, JD, LLM

Chief Financial Officer

Liberty “Lye” L. Madanguit

General Manager, Payroll and Accounting Services, Billing

Rhodora “Babee” L. Laureano

Payroll and Accounting Services, Billing

Marianne “Anne” D. Dela Cruz

Billing Specialist

Mike Jardinado

Billing Specialist

Kattaleya “Kat” Chung

Billing Specialist

Kimberly “Kim” Torres

Billing Specialist

Prince Lala, CPA

Payroll and Accounting Services

Mary Geizelle Londinski

Payroll and Accounting Services

Ensaka Shirchinbaatar

Billing Specialist, Payroll and Accounting Services