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  • Billing for all payer sources (Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurances)
  • Claim follow up and confirmation of status
  • Claim review and correction
  • Posting of remittance advices
  • Medicare Credit Balance Report processing
  • Eligibility verification

Our Home Health & Hospice billers have years of experience working with claims and making sure they get paid. They are familiar with HHA internal operations and procedures, allowing for a seamless integration.

We help with eligibility verification. We can provide you with important patient information prior to admission. This helps to avoid issues such as billing the wrong payer or overlapping service with another agency.

Our priority is to make sure your revenue is realized. That is why we go back and review billing for outstanding claims that were never paid.

We can identify problems, correct claims, and resubmit them to Medicare up to one year from the end of an episode. We can also work on unpaid claims from other payer sources that have been denied, rejected, or gone unprocessed.

Do not let the insurance companies keep the money you earned.

Our process is tailored to your agency. No matter your census, location, or how long you’ve been operating, we adjust according to your needs for a seamless billing process.

  • You are assigned to a specific biller for a one-on-one experience
  • Your assigned biller will work through your existing systems and according to your specific requirements
  • We utilize our own Direct Data Entry and Private Insurance Clearinghouse subscriptions, saving you on overhead