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Billing & Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the billing process work?

We assign you to an individual biller, who is responsible for managing your account. That biller will adopt whatever workflow works best for you. We tailor our processes to fit yours, ensuring a seamless fit.

What software do you use?

We work through whatever EHR software you are currently using. Our billers have experience on a number of different platforms, so we are ready to jump right in.

How do you bill Private Insurance (non-Medicare claims)?

We subscribe to our own clearinghouse, at no expense to you. As long as the payer has an electronic payer ID, we submit through the clearinghouse. We are also able to send paper claims, if necessary.

How do you bill Medicare claims?

We work through your EHR software and our own MyAbility account. We use MyAbility to track and correct claims. We also use MyAbility to run eligibility checks and view payments.

How much do your services cost?

We understand that not everything is one-size-fits-all. That’s why we provide à la carte services, with our price based on the services you choose. If you go with just our billing service, then our price is based on a percentage of the payment you receive. That way, we only get paid once you get paid.

How does the bookkeeping process work?

We assign you to an individual bookkeeper, who is responsible for managing your agency. This person is your main contact and available for any questions. At the end of each month, your bookkeeper will do the reconciliation. At any time, your bookkeeper can provide you with financial statements, so that you’re well informed on how your agency is doing.

How does the payroll process work?

We follow whatever payroll schedule you are currently using. Depending on the number of employees, you would send us payroll information 2-3 days prior to payday. We can process direct deposit or mail paper checks for your signature.

What if my agency is new, and I’m just getting started?

No problem! We work with agencies of all sizes, from those just starting out to well-established companies.

Does it matter where my company is located?

Nope. We service Home Health and Hospice agencies that fall under all three Medicare Administrative Contractors. Our office is typically staffed Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM Central Time.